D-Lee, Marquis & Theriot

It’s weird enough the Pirates were buyers at the trade deadline. But seeing Derrek Lee suite up for Pittsburgh is simply strange!

The soon to be 36-year-old was dealt on Sunday from Baltimore for Minor Leaguer Aaron Baker.

In another weird twist of fate, Lee’s first game with the Buccos comes against the Cubs, as was the case last August when Lee was dealt from Chicago to Atlanta–switching uniforms and dugouts at Wrigley Field on August 19.

Lee posted modest numbers in 85 games with the Orioles: .246, 12 HR, 41 RBI.

As of late, however, he’s been swinging a hot stick hitting .309 with 19 RBI and 11 extra-base hits since July 8.

I couldn’t be happier for the guy. He’ll be revered in Pittsburgh for his leadership and as one of baseball’s all time ‘Good Guys’. Lee is well deserving of a divisional race, if just on professionalism alone.


More Lee Please

Derrek spent seven seasons on the North Side, 2004-10.
-.298 avg.
– 179 HR
– 239 2B
– 574 RBI
– 924 games


Another former Cub, Jason Marquis, was traded from Washington to Arizona on Saturday for Minor League SS Zach Walters.

He’s scheduled to make his first start Wednesday against San Francisco in a crucial divisional game. Arizona trails the Giants by 2.0 games.

-“This is the best I’ve seen him since Colorado,” one scout says of Marquis, who pitched for the Rockies in 2009. “His mojo is back,” a Nationals official says. “He’s got his movement again. He’s throwing strikes. He’s not the same guy as last year.”

-Marquis is 32-years-old making $7.5 million this season
-Was (8-5) with a 3.95 ERA through 20 starts with Nats.
-He’s pitched in five post seasons, including one World Series in 2004.
-Spent two years in Chicago, 2007-08, going (23-18) with a 4.57 ERA.


Love the fact St. Louis traded for Rafael Furcal, unseating Ryan Theriot from the everyday starting lineup.

I’ve had no qualms rooting against ‘The Riot’ since he dissed the Cubs this past offseason.

His comments were a cheap shot against his former team, especially considering the Cubs supported him to a fault.

So I’ll admit to gaining some pleasure watching Theriot struggle on both sides of the ball in St. Louis this year.

With Theriot near the league lead in errors and mired in a 2-for-38 slump, the Cards elected to go with an aging former All Star instead, even despite the fact Furcal joins St. Louis hitting .197 through 37 games with the Dodgers.

It’s not my nature to throw stones, but it’s gratifying knowing Theriot isn’t getting the confidence from his current team the way he did in Chicago in what’s become a what-goes-around-comes-around sort of thing.


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