Big Z On The Big ‘DL’

Can’t say I remember the last time the Cubs placed a player on the DL, as in ‘Disqualified List’…not the disabled list.

Apparently it’s the same list our favorite former hot-head, Milton Bradley, landed on in 2009 with Chicago…but it seems I only remember that as a being labeled a suspension. Nevertheless…

As Paul Sullivan of the Tribune put it “In a virtual reenactment of the end of Milton Bradley’s Cubs career, the players had few positive things to say about what might have been Zambrano’s last act with the team.”

According to the MLB Rule book: Disqualified list includes those who play with or against a club which during the current season has had a connection with an ineligible player or person; and the Ineligible list collects those involved with attempts to throw games, bribe players or umpires, or bet on games, and those convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude.

Moral turpitude seems to sum up Zambrano nicely. He’s obviously well deserving of the list and left Jim Hendry no other immediate choice but to release him.

The 30-days suspension without pay is meaningless for Zambrano. But it does give the Cubs some time to think through its next move for the troubled pitcher.

Releasing Carlos is still a viable option, of course, but maybe Zambrano does decide to retire letting the Cubs off the hook for the rest of his super-sized contract, which is easily worth waiting 30 days for.

It’s also possible another team could be interested in acquiring Z. The Mariners, after all, traded for Milton Bradley. And if Z clears waivers, there’s a chance Hendry could move him in September, although Z wouldn’t be playoff eligible for any contenders.

Whatever the case may be, Carlos returning to the Cubs, this season or beyond, should not be considered. How could it be?

I can’t even imagine a scenario where Zambrano pitches another game for the Chicago Cubs.

Heaven help us if he does.


Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times talks about Zambrano and The ALL Time HR List For Pitchers.

For now, here are the top ten all-time at hitting homers while pitching:

HR    Pitcher
37    Wes Ferrell
35    Bob Lemon
35    Warren Spahn
34    Red Ruffing
33    Earl Wilson
29    Don Drysdale
24    Bob Gibson
24    John Clarkson
23    Walter Johnson
23    Carlos Zambrano


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