Will The Cubs Lose 100 Games?

It’s tough for the worst big league teams to reach 100 losses in a season, even for a team as bad as the Cubs.

One month ago, however, it appeared a certainty the Cubs would hit triple digits in the loss column. Surprisingly, that’s no longer the case given Chicago has managed a (20-21) record since the All Star break.

How that’s possible despite the lack of clutch hitting and a major league worst 110 fielding errors, I don’t know? But it does little to soften the blow for a team still destined for 90-plus losses.

Chicago (57-76) is likely to manage six more wins over its next 29-games to avoid the embarrassment of 100 defeats. Avoiding the big nine-oh is another matter, one which requires the Cubs to play .500 baseball the rest of the way.

That’s an ugly forecast considering the Cubs have dropped seven of its last eight games and have 17 road contests vs. 12 home dates on the remaining schedule.

No matter how you slice it, 90 or 100 losses, whichever it may be, it’s been a terribly disappointing season. So much so that our attention is on the number of losses more so than the number of wins, which is never a good thing.

That said, I’m predicting 94 losses for the Cubs. Whoopie.



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2 responses to “Will The Cubs Lose 100 Games?

  1. WrigleyRegular

    What a disappointment!!!!! At the beginning of the season I actually thought that this team had chance to win what I thought was a very week division. Although MLW has really come on over the last month, this has been a down year for the NL Central.

    The bad news……. as of right now, I don’t really see the prospects for next season looking any better for the Cubs. They have a LOT of work to do with that team.

  2. The Brewers have unquestionably been the hottest team, if not the best team, in baseball over the past four weeks. Even a good Cubs team would’ve struggled a bit this past weekend facing a red-hot Brew Crew. But unfortunately, we saw more of the same from Chicago: practically zero clutch hitting and fielding errors galore. Regardless of whether the opposition is hot or not, we know you don’t win many games that way. If the weekend showed us anything, it gave us a clear idea about how far the Cubs are away from being a division contender…which appears quite far. So, to further your point…there’s absolutely a lot of work and change needed this offseason if the Cubs have aspirations of contending in 2012. And for whomever the GM might be…it’s going to be a tough, tough gig out of the gate.

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