Rothschild Leaves Losing & Cubs Behind

Larry Rothschild got out of Dodge just in time to avoid sitting through another miserable season on the North Side.

He’s now enjoying the playoffs in his first season as the Yankees pitching coach instead of worrying about the inconsistency of Randy Wells, the health of Andrew Cashner, the flip-flopping of Jeff Samardzija or the next harbinger of another Big Z meltdown.

But changing guard to join the Bombers hasn’t been all roses, not with Rothschild inheriting a thin and over-the-hill gang of starters behind CC Sabathia.

That, however, didn’t stop Rothschild from proving his worth by patch-working the rotation together for the Yankees to win the AL East.

Under Larry’s tutelage, 24-year-old Ivan Nova blossomed into a legit starter posting a (16-4) record and 3.70 ERA.

Long in the tooth vets Freddie Garcia & Bartolo Colon both rediscovered past success combining for 20 wins and more than 300 innings pitched.

A.J. Burnett, despite his late season struggles, still made 32 starts, posted 11 victories and nearly reached 200 innings pitched (190.1).

Mariano Rivera aside, the bullpen managed to overcome the mid-season loss of Joba Chamberlain to Tommy John surgery and early season departure of left-handed specialist Damaso Marte to left shoulder surgery.

David Roberson posted a career best year going (4-0) through 70 outings, including 34 holds, and lowered his career ERA by nearly three runs (1.08).

Boone Logan made a career best 64 appearances posting a miniscule 1.34 WHIP and Luis Ayala also set a new career best with a 2.09 ERA through 52 appearances.

That doesn’t mean New York wasn’t without failures. On top of allowing a major league worst 222 home runs, Phil Hughes was less than stellar (5.79 ERA) and Rafael Soriano took a huge step back from his 2010 season posting an ugly 4.12 ERA in just 39 innings pitched.

All things considered, however, Rothschild has been a fine addition to the Yankees’ coaching staff, proving his nine-years of success on the North Side was no fluke, either.


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