Quade Gets Second Meeting, Second Chance?

Jim Hendry and Mike Quade were joined at the hip the minute Hendry announced Quade as Lou’s replacement. If one went down, so would the other.

Hendry, of course, fell first being relieved of his duties in July by Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, which put the writing on the wall for Quade’s future as well.

We know managing the Cubs is Quade’s dream job, his efforts reflected such. But the results never materialized, not to the expectations of the Cubs, the fans, and I presume, Quade himself.

This leads me to believe the decision of the Cubs’ new brass to afford Quade an offseason meeting, essential to plead his case to return as manager, was done out of respect for a man who is widely considered one of the good guys in all of baseball.

Let’s call it the politically correct move from the new kids in town, but I suspect nothing more for Epstein’s team otherwise.

Good guy or not, Quade shoulders the misery of the past season, one in which Epstein and company are working hard to avoid repeating.

If Quade is guilty of anything, it’s his association to the old Cubs way and Jim Hendry, which appears to be exactly what Theo and company are distancing themselves from.

Although a second meeting between both parties has been scheduled for later this week, my gut feeling says there won’t be a third.

My money isn’t on Quade’s return, but I’ve been wrong before.


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