In Theo We Trust?

Eliminating Ryne Sandberg from the Cubs managerial search appears a short-sided approach I didn’t expect from Theo Epstein.

It’s understandable Sandberg’s lack of coaching experience at the major league level is a concern, there is something to be said from learning on the job as a base coach or bench coach at the highest level.

But it isn’t as if Sandberg hasn’t paid his dues coaching successfully through the minor leagues as a leader for young men on and off the field—much like his playing days, no less.

More importantly, no other candidate would pull the respect of the players more so than Sandberg, who also has the best understanding of what it means to be a Chicago Cub—something that shouldn’t be over-looked in a baseball-crazed market like Chicago. (To be fair, a factor I fully believe Epstein will address). 

However, it’s a disappointing and difficult decision to swallow, especially if Sandberg ends up managing in St. Louis or elsewhere.

In Theo we trust, but it couldn’t have hurt to give Ryno an interview, a chance to plead his case…or even half the time Mike Quade got from Epstein last week.

Ryne Sandberg is a proven winner, but amazingly, not good enough for the Cubs managing job. Who knew?



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