Is It Best Ryno Never Managed The Cubs At All?

From the moment Theo Epstein announced Mike Quade’s dismissal he made it clear Ryne Sandberg was not a candidate to become the Cubs new skipper.

So I’m curious to know what would have happened if Jim Hendry had gone with Sandberg over Quade in the first place–assuming Ryno did as poorly or even slightly better than Quade as manager?

For arguments sake, let’s assume Ricketts fired Hendry anyway, leaving Sandberg’s future in the hands of Esptein and friends.

For all intents and purposes, Epstein appears unimpressed with Sandberg’s glowing credentials, to the point he’s certain Ryno isn’t the right fit.

Even if we generously assume the Cubs played better under Sandberg than Quade in 2011, it still seems likely Ryno would’ve fallen short of Epstein’s expectations.

Thus, can we assume Theo would have axed Ryne the same way he did Quade?

If so, is it best Ryno never managed the Cubs at all, or would it have been worth it to see Sandberg manage one year only to be fired in September? Your thoughts?


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