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2 responses to “Cubs Fortune Cookie

  1. Mordecai Brown

    Resigning Pena is the waste of an opportunity to work a farm hand into the lineup and give him a season of experience.

  2. Well, I can see that side of the argument too, Mordecai.

    I think my position on Pena returning has a lot to do with what he brings to the club besides the numbers–leadership, professionalism and what not. I’m a strong believer in character players, guys who know their role, play team ball and do more than show up inside the lines. Pena, I believe, exemplifies the ultimate ‘team-guy,’ which is worthy of another go-round with the Cubs…albeit at the right price, of course!

    That said, there’s something to be said about giving a guy like LaHair, the PCL’s MVP nonetheless, a chance to prove himself everyday at the big league level. He’s already 29-years-old, so the time is now or never with the Cubs for LaHair.

    The truth of the matter is there’s no guarantee Triple-A success carries over to MLB. Numerous Minor League MVPs have fallen flat in the majors, others, like Geovany Soto, have struggled with consistency. But I do understand you can’t evaluate such potential talent without giving the man a chance. As always, thanks for checking in and sharing some opinions.

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