Theo In Dallas, Change On The Way

Buckle your seat belts Cubs fans. Theo Epstein is embarking on Chicago’s most important offseason in years.

Consider this fair warning to prepare yourself for significant change in the foundation of Cubs baseball, a much needed first step towards the long-term goal of bringing championship baseball back to the North Side of Chicago.

We’re soon to be riding a roller coaster of emotions, thrilling on one hand at the arrival of fresh faces, and depressing on the other with the departure of beloved Cubbies.

But that change, however tough, is necessary, and likely to come at the expense of dealing some of the Cubs’ most valuable players in return for young major league talent and high-steaks prospects.

Such is the cost of doing business–you’ve got to give to get–and the Cubs need a lot of both to right this sinking ship.

Even if we fairly assume the Cubs will operate opposite of the newly minted Miami Marlins, who are making its second attempt at purchasing a World Series title via big F.A. signings, there’s sure to be at least one surprise up Team Theo’s sleeve.

It might very well be the acquisition of a big name free agent the likes of Pujols or Fielder, the trade of a coveted Matt Garza, Sean Marshall, or both.

In fact, I envision too many possibilities to project a specific trade by the Cubs, but feel confident one, if not several, will come to fruition by the end of the meetings.

After all, 29 big league teams know Epstein is eager to deal, open for possibilities and in dire need of a change.

At the very least, this won’t be your father’s Cubs come Friday and that’s what’s most exciting of all. 

A new day, a new way for Cubs baseball.



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2 responses to “Theo In Dallas, Change On The Way

  1. sirrahh

    I agree with your larger point, but would quibble with the contention that the Cubs would bring a championship “back” to the North side. Here’s why:

    A change is gonna come!

  2. Well, I see where you’re coming from. But hey, no quibbling on my end…the Cubs have won it all before, and yes, it’s been awhile, but they appear more poised than ever to do it again! How soon? Who knows! Keep those blog posts coming, Sirrahh!

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