No Albert, No Prince…No Problem

It’s hard to imagine the Cubs will parlay Pujols or Fielder into a short-term mega-deal to sign with the Cubs.

At least, not with the Marlins reportedly offering Albert 10-years at $200M and Fielder being courted by multiple suitors willing to shell out ridiculous money and years, as well.

Not to mention, for Chicago to sign either player would require Theo to break from his own code, one which emphasizes making the smart money picks over the sexy ones.

And it’s remarkably clear the severe payroll risks of signing either Pujols or Fielder out weights the gains they could bring the Cubs on the field.

Yes, it’s true Epstein fell into some bad habits of signing over-priced free agents in Boston, but Chicago has provided him a fresh start, a chance to learn from his earlier mistakes, the opportunity to understand it’s not about being sexy in the offseason–it’s about being right.

Nothing about signing a single player for $200M screams ‘smart money,’ even if we are talking about the great Pujols.

In fact, the longer the pursuit of Pujols and Fielder drags on the more anxious I become Epstein will revert to his old ways in Bean Town, somehow convincing himself his team’s future success depends on landing one of these two players.

But until that happens, I’m giving Epstein the benefit of the doubt.

No Albert, no Prince…no problem.


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