Wrigley Field’s New Scoreboard

A ‘Group Patio’ in right field and a new 75-foot LED scoreboard? This is what Cubs fans want at Wrigley Field? According to Cubs chairman, Tom Ricketts, the answer is yes.

C’mon, Tom.

Since when did Cubs fans decide the charm of the ol’ ballyard wasn’t up to snuff, that a giant video board was a missing piece, that the right field bleachers were clearly lacking corporate advertising?

I’m curious to know ‘Who are these Cubs fans’…and what else will they ask for–fireworks after a Cubbie home run, a children’s playground in the left field bleachers…a new ballpark in the suburbs?

This is either a severe case of the Cubs miscounting hanging chads, or we’re getting fed a serious line of phony boloney.

In one regard, however, it’s a nod to the Cubs new confidence as an organization. They know building a winning franchise will put butts in the seats no matter what goes up at the ballpark.

So why not just come out and say it?

If more revenue in the form of expanded bleacher seating and scoreboard advertisements help turn the Cubs into contenders, just say so–we can deal with it, albeit begrudgingly.

Having waiting 100-plus years for a championship, there isn’t much this fan base can’t handle–even the corporatization of Wrigley Field.

But that doesn’t mean the Cubs shouldn’t be mindful of giving us more of what we didn’t ask for.



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6 responses to “Wrigley Field’s New Scoreboard

  1. Johnny CubsFan

    I’ve seen 3 of their home games now, and I HATE IT!!! There are other ways to get revenue, this is horrible, and should be removed!!

  2. Yeah, understandable. Troubling thing is, the new scoreboard is just the beginning, I’m afraid.

    Getting the Toyota sign approved by the city was a foot-in-the-door move by the Cubs. Then came the LED board. Next the Budweiser Patio in RF.

    It’s not going to stop until the team covers every marketable space in and around Wrigley Field with some sort of ad revenue dollars.

    True Blue Cubs fans are frustrated Wrigley’s lost some charm despite the additional revenue for the team. But it’s still not enough to keep us from coming to the ballpark. You’ve been to three games, I’ve been to every other home game.

    Still the ballpark is half empty because the former throngs of bandwagoners won’t come out until the Cubs win. Bandwagoners, meanwhile, know little if anything about why Wrigley Field is so special. Give’em beers and bleacher babes and they’ll come flocking–never mind the car signs, LED boards, hokey patios and all.

    I will say this much: I do like the new scoreboard in RF. It far exceeded my expectations. I think the Cubs did a fine job of blending it into the park. However, my complaint lies with the Bud Patio. What a joke, as far as I’m concerned.

    Not a home game goes by were I’m not peeved looking out at that maudlin patio deck with all the yucks guzzling all-you-can-drink beer with their backs turned to the field. Not my cup of tea, thank you.

    The catch is if the Cubs win. Win and everyone comes to the park. Win a World Series and Ricketts could replace the outfield ivy with ads–and get away with it.

    Unfortunately, the benefit to additional revenue streams is coming at the cost of keeping Wrigley the way we like it–old, decrepit and mostly untouched.

    I don’t want to think of what’s coming next or what new addition could actually keep fans like you & me away from the park!

    Whenever, wherever & however it comes…this team just better win.

  3. John

    No your wrong the new scoreboard in right field is ugly and has ruined the park.

  4. Nooo, you’re right, John!

    Ricketts should just tear Wrigley Field down and build a new park in the suburbs ;)

    Thanks for checking out the post and sharing your opinion.

  5. The Left field bleachers where the Toyota stantions are located seems to be the logical but unfair spot to put the new Jumbo tron scoreboard.Screw the homes .Times are a changing.A winning team will fill the seats anyway. If you notice Indoor sports areas are all looking the same. If your a traditionalist just throw it out the window.Another thing Move the Cubs to the first base side of home plate. The Luck will change. The Yankees did it and the championships kept coming.. Another good luck charm would be a light up goat when a Cub hits a homer.Gotta shake things up!

  6. Interesting thoughts, R Goldman.

    I’m all for shaking things up from time to time, but in a sensible fashion, of course.

    Now, if you’re looking for light-up animals after a HR and pinwheel celebrations at the ballpark there’s a team on the South Side that’s mastered the art over-kill.

    Additionally, it’s unlikely the Cubs will ‘screw’ the rooftops anytime soon. The two parties are under a lengthy contract and the Cubs do receive sizable revenue from the roof decks each season.

    Coincidentally, the most reasonable place for a jumbotron, should the Cubs even go in that direction, is on top of one of the rooftops in right field. Most notably, the rooftop the Cubs own just to the right of the foul pole.

    The problem with indoor arenas all looking the same is just that–they all look the same. The irregular shapes and nooks and crannies of MLB ballparks remains a true beauty of the sport. Character, my friend, and Wrigley still has plenty :)

    Switching dugouts is not unthinkable. But I prefer to believe rebuilding the franchise through the draft, free agency and strong front office leadership will do wonders for curing the Cubs cursed ways!

    Then again, five years from now I might be open to just about anything!

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