Giants Defeat Patriots 21-17

Congratulations to Therese M. on winning Brian’s Super Bowl Bash XII!

And a pat on the back for all who tabbed the Giants as Super Bowl champions.

A big thank you to everyone who participated. It’s always a pleasure catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Let’s do it again next year!


-New York becomes the first team to finish the regular season 9-7 and win the Super Bowl.

-It’s extra special for Indy fans given Eli spared them the displeasure of watching Brady & Bill celebrate a world title in the House the Peyton built.

-What an unbelievable catch by Mario Manningham. Epic.

-What in the world was Bradshaw thinking falling into the endzone instead of going down on the 1-yard line? He nearly became the company of Scott Norwood.

-Eli drives the Giants 88-yards for the decisive score and earns his second Super Bowl MVP trophy—the same number Brady has.

-If not for Eli, Jason Pierre-Paul deserved the MVP Award.

-Tom Coughlin is headed to the Hall of Fame.

-I thought Madonna rocked halftime. Little bit over the top, but entertaining.

-Best commercial:

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