Cubs Poll Review

Big Z wonders how many wins he'll have in 2012

Here’s a look back at the results of my Cubs Polls since the beginning of the New Year.

I asked: Which Cubs home series are you most looking forward to?
You answered:
-Boston Theo Series (41%)
-Big Z & Ozzie’s return with Miami (35%)
-St. Louis (11%)
-Detroit & White Sox (5%)

I asked: Who’s the favorite to win the NL Central?
You answered:
-Reds (37%)
Cubs (28%)
-St Louis (22%)
-Milwaukee (8%)
-Pittsburgh (3%)
-Houston (0)

I asked: Are you in favor of MLB adding another Wild Card?
You answered:
-Yes (60%)
-No (40%)

I asked: How many wins for Carlos Zambrano this season?
You answered:
15-17 (31%)
12-14 (25%)
9-11 (18%)
6-8 (12)
18-20 (12%)
0-5 (0%)


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