Jerome-O-Meter | Gm 1-5

Jerome Walton

In 1989 Jerome Walton burst onto the scene winning the NL Rookie of the Year Award and helping the Cubs to the NL East title.

His thrilling 30-game hitting streak from July 21st to August 20th culminated a sensational season for the 23-year-old.

During the next several weeks I’ll recap Walton’s 30-game hitting streak that sparked the Cubs from a 2.5 games deficit in the division to a 2.5 game lead!

Games | 1 – 5 | 6 – 10 | 11 – 15 | 16 – 20 | 21 – 25 | 26 – 30 |

Gm Date Walton Opponent Pitcher Outcome Score
1 July 21 1-5 San Fran S. Garrelts Single to RF, RBI L 4-3
2 July 22 1-4 San Fran A. Hammaker Double RF, RBI W 5-2
3 July 23 1-5 San Fran D. Robinson Single to LF W 9-5
4 July 24 1-4 @ St. Louis S. Terry Single to CF, RBI W 3-2
5 July 25 1-4 @ St. Louis J. Magrane G-Rule Double W 4-2


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2 responses to “Jerome-O-Meter | Gm 1-5

  1. Sounds like fun – I am ready to re-live that streak!!! ’89 was the first season that I spent living in Chicago; I remember it well!!

  2. Oh man, glad to hear it!
    You know, it’s funny Jerome’s rookie season followed him his entire career.
    It was a magical and memorable run, as you’ll attest, which looked so promising for his future success.
    That never happened, of course, at least not to the standard with which it appeared in 1989 as a 23-year-old rookie.
    Each installment will post every Wednesday leading up to the Cubs’ lid-lifter on Thursday March 5th vs. Washington.
    Stay tuned:)

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