Additional Wild Card Good For MLB, But What About Cubs?


The advantage of two additional playoff spots is two-fold for baseball and its fans.

1.) There’s exciting potential to make September baseball more meaningful for more teams.
2.) Teams with playoff worthy records won’t be slighted due to divisional circumstances.

Unforeseen pros & cons are certain to arise, but I applaud MLB for coming to its decision quickly and thoughtfully.

It’s a breath of fresh air for an industry historically slow with its decision making, even when changing the game for the better, and especially considering forward-thinking ideas– instant replay being a prime example.

As for the Cubs…yes, in theory a second Wild Card helps Chicago’s chances at reaching the postseason. Realistically, however, not so much. At least not now with the Cubs appearing far from “playoff worthy.”

That said, with the threesome of Ricketts, Theo & Jed focused on building the franchise into consistent winners vs. a win-now mentality, the Cubs should, with time, find the second Wild Card a comforting plan-B to winning the Central division.



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4 responses to “Additional Wild Card Good For MLB, But What About Cubs?

  1. akantecki

    Maybe this year it won’t help us, but two years from now we may be benefiting from that extra spot.

  2. Yep. We’re on the same page. Although, ideally you’d like to see the Cubs gunning for the division.
    However, last year being a perfect example, just get to the dance and you have a chance!
    One month til Opening Day…Wild Card celebration seven months from now:)

  3. Don

    The Giants of 2010, the Cards of 2011….all you have to do is make the playoffs. After that anything can happen. This is good for the Cubs.

  4. Right. And not to get carried away here…but this should add some incentive to this year’s squad because the Cubs potentially could stay in the hunt through July.

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