Cubs Bullpen League Worst

There’s no reason for over-reaction to the Cubs (1-4) start less than a week into a marathon long season.

However, there’s plenty of reason to be concerned with the Cubs shaky bullpen after five games.

Chicago’s ‘pen is sporting an (0-3) record with an unflattering 7.24 ERA.

In 13.2 innings of work they’ve allowed 11 earned runs on 16 hits, one home run and 12 walks vs. nine strikeouts. Obviously, that’s extremely concerning.

To make matters worse, the two go-to-guys, Carlos Marmol & Kerry Wood, have accounted for six earned runs and three blown saves.

We know the Cubs can’t win, let alone stay in contention, with this kind of lackluster performance from its relievers.

What’s left to be answered is whether or not the current relief corps will improve? Or is it time Jed Hoyer starts dangling Marlon Byrd for a proven bullpen arm?

It’s no secret the best teams in baseball have the best bullpens. As it stands today, the Chicago Cubs have the league’s worst.

If that doesn’t sound your alarm, I’m thinking it should.


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