Same Frustrations, Same Cubs?

One of my greater frustrations with the Cubs last season was its inability to win three in-a-row. A league worst 134 fielding errors was another, but I digress.

It took Mike Quade’s squad until late July, 102 games into the season, before they finally managed the smallest of winning streaks–nearly four full months removed from Opening Day.

More stunning, however, was the perceived lack of urgency to string together wins. Ten times prior the Cubs were in position to roll a Turkey, but failed on each occasion. Not a trace of killer instinct.

In fact, when Geovany Soto was asked in July if winning three in a row was mentally important for the Cubs he responded “Not really.”

“Three in a row hasn’t happened yet, but we don’t look at it that way. We’re not really concern,” said Soto.

Not really concerned? My jaw practically dropped through the floor.

Bulletin to Soto: Not winning is always a concern, even for the rebuilding Cubs.

This year’s club blew its first crack at winning three straight on Saturday in St. Louis. The Cubs played every bit as bad as the North Siders of 2011 plagued by mental errors, fielding errors and zero clutch hitting.

Worse, the same held true during Sunday’s 10-3 loss.

Here we are 10 games into the 2012 campaign and I’m already wondering: new season, same frustrations?


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