Cubs Déjà vu All Over Again!

So what if the Cubs stole one Tuesday night. Back-to-back walkoffs against the Cardinals, I’ll take it.

The Cubs not only earned its first series win in 2012, but also ended St. Louis’ streak of 13-consecutive series wins dating back to last year, including the postseason.

However, Chicago got two very questionable calls from the umpiring crew to go in their favor: DeJesus’ slide home in the first inning and Campana’s steal in the 10th.

Had the umps made even one of the two calls correctly were probably left sulking over another Cubs loss and yet another solid start by Samardzija wasted due to a lack of run support. Water under the bridge this time…

How about Soriano hitting a low & away slider hard enough to drive in the game-winning run. Everyone watching knew what pitch was coming, but who knew Sori could actually hit it?

Bryan LaHair has put together two terrific at-bats in crucial situations the past two games: a 12-pitch walk on Monday and a game-tying home run Tuesday, which also marks his first hit against a left-hander this season.

I love this guy’s moxie. LaHair’s proving he’s not just a Triple-A phenom, but a true threat at the major league level. Now it’s just a matter of seeing if he can hit consistently for a full season.

Thanks to all the above Carlos Marmol got off the hook with his blown save. He’s now 1-for-3 in save situations.

I keep saying it over and over again (for more than a year now)–Marmol is not suited to be the Cubs closer. What more needs to go wrong before Sveum changes hands in the ninth inning?

If Marmol isn’t on the trade block, he should be. My goodness, if Marlon Byrd can be traded so can Marmol. And with Brian Wilson out for the year in San Fran, how about sending Marmol to the Giants?

Good, but not great, first outing for the newly acquired Michael Bowden.
Interestingly, while studying up on him following the trade announcement I never once read about his unorthodox delivery.

That’s some hitch he has going, but was effective enough to keep the Cards from scoring. I don’t see Bowden as closer material, but still excited to have his live-arm (and hitch) in the backend of the bullpen.

Speaking of the Byrd trade, Marlon has three hits in his first two games with Boston. That equals the same number of knocks he had with the Cubs this season in 43 at-bats.

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery. And in Marlon’s case, I hope his success continues with the Red Sox. Good guy and a far better player than he showed with the Cubs in April

Would love to see the Cubs break out the broom Wednesday against St. Lou in the series finale. Cubs haven’t been able to do that all season. First pitch is 1:20pm.


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