Name That Cub!

CT CityHall2.JPG

Has 3 HR in his last 9 starts.
Driven in a run in 6 of his last 15 games.
Batting .385 in Late/Close situations.
His 11 walks are all against right-handers.
Made 21-straight starts without committing an error.
Name that Cub!

-3B Ian Stewart



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5 responses to “Name That Cub!

  1. Spoda17

    Ian Stewart

  2. Spoda17

    Oh wait.. I saw the error thing now… DOH! Uhm… Mather..?

  3. You are correct, sir. Although Joe Mather is sure to get his props at some point this season!

  4. WrigleyRegular

    I’m OK with Mather coming off the bench or getting an occasional start, but if we start seeing a lot of Mather, this team is even worse that I thought.

  5. Brett Jackson, luckily, should spare us from watching too much of either Mather or Campana. :)

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