This Guy’s A Cubs Killer

In this installment of ‘Name that Molina’ I’m talking about Bengie, Jose, Yadier Molina, the Cubs killer who’s a lifetime .281 hitter with 9 HR and 48 RBI through 101 games vs. Chicago.

This year alone he’s batting .346 with 1 HR & 9 RBI against the Cubs. Certainly numbers the Chicago coaching staff are aware of.

But with all due respect to Sveum and his staff, I don’t understand why the Cubs keep pitching to Molina, especially in clutch hitting situations?

In the latest example, Yadier was the centerpiece of the Cardinals sixth inning rally against Dempster driving in two runs with the bases loaded Monday night.

And had it not been for a spectacular relay from Campana to Castro to Soto, it would’ve been a bases clearing hit to tie the score 4-4.

The following batter, Skip Schumaker, made sure of it driving home Molina from third with a sac fly to tie the score 4-4. Molina striking again.

But that wasn’t the last of Yadier who stepped to the plate in the eighth with another chance to tie the game.

With a runner on second and two outs Sveum, inexplicitly, allowed Shawn Camp to pitch to Molina.

To Camp’s credit, he got Molina on a routine flyout to CF ending the threat and the inning. But why on earth was Sveum giving Molina another chance to deliver a clutch hit?

Why not take your chances on Schumaker, the No.8 hitter, with first base open and the pitcher’s spot due up next?

No question the Cubs got away with one last night. But this isn’t the last of they’ll see of Molina–a Cubs killer at his best.

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