Barney’s Walk-off Picture Perfect!

Below are a few photos I snapped at Wrigley Field during Wednesday’s game, including the Cubs celebration of Darwin Barney’s thrilling walk-off home run!

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Three wins in a row. How Sweep it is…



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4 responses to “Barney’s Walk-off Picture Perfect!

  1. Chris Greulich

    These pics are great. Saw the one you posted of the guys gatherering at home waiting to greet Darwin. What app did you use to render that effect?

  2. Cool. Thanks for checking out the post.

    Two good services for editing pics are Pixlr & Instagram

    The effects you’re looking for are called ‘water drop’ & ’tilt shift.’

  3. WrigleyRegular

    Nice shots of the field. And I’m happy to see a little win streak after the 12 game slide.

  4. Hey, thanks man.

    I agree, it is nice to see a little winning streak, even if it did come against San Diego–the single worst team in the majors!

    We always figured it was going to be a frustrating and difficult year for certain stretches, but that 12-game skid was brutal to watch.

    Perhaps the biggest surprise is that with the exception of ‘The Streak’ the Cubs have been encouraging to watch for the most part.

    And that’s really all you can hope for in an otherwise painfully long season of rebuilding.

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