Cubs On Wrong End of Ian Stewart For Tyler Colvin Trade

Ian Stewart’s bat seems to have been on the disabled list all season.

A sore left wrist, however, is what officially landed Stewart on the 15-day DL on Wednesday.

Give the guy credit for playing through the season-long pain. He’s managed to start 49 of the team’s first 61 games, but the results offensively have steadily declined.

Stewart hit .225 in April, then .169 in May. All totaled it’s a discouraging .201 average, 5 HR & 17 RBI.

It’s far from what the Cubs hoped for when they traded Tyler Colvin & DJ LeMahieu to Colorado for Casey Weathers & Stewart in early December.

The idea the Cubs could unlock Stewart’s hidden potential seemed reasonable at the time.

At 27-years-old Stewart was entering his prime years. The Cubs were in need of a third baseman and Stewart’s strong glove work could temporarily offset the time needed to unlock a potentially deadly swing.

But the player who’s continually appeared on the brink of a breakout season remains on the ledge, injured and seemingly unable to take the necessary next step.

Colvin, meanwhile is hitting .304, 7 HR & 19 RBI—in 67 fewer at-bats than Stewart! Make of it what you will, but the return on Stewart is clearly unfavorable for the Cubs.

With more than half a season remaining, it’s more likely Stewart is released before he retains the starting job at third base upon his return.

Luis Valbuena, a 25-year-old utility infielder the Cubs claimed off waivers from Toronto in April, is expected to receive the callup from Iowa on Thursday.

It’s hardly an upgrade over Stewart, but such is life for this 2012 Cubs team, going from one lowly .200 hitter to another.


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