Dale Sveum Nearly A Bean Eater

I wonder what Dale Sveum’s thinking with the Red Sox in town this weekend?

It was only six short months ago Sveum appeared in position to become the next manager of the Red Sox–not the Cubs.

Boston, of course, eventually tabbed Bobby Valentine as its skipper citing his experience and heavy-hand outweighed Sveum’s.

But Boston has fared only slightly better than Chicago in the following six months. The Red Sox are one-game under .500 and tied for last place in the very competitive AL East.

It’s not Cubs bad, but it might as well be by Bean Town’s standards.

However, I doubt Sveum has any regrets he landed on the North Side.

There’s something beautiful in the idea of rebuilding a franchise from the ground up–as painful and tedious as it’s proven to be.

However, it’s fair to believe the combination of the Cubs fast pace for a 100-loss season, and it’s slow, methodical approach to reloading must have Sveum wondering ‘what if’ at some point over the next three games—if he hasn’t done so already?

What if’s aside, I remain pleased things turned out the way they did for Sveum.

We can only hope the Cubs skipper still feels the same way.


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