Did Cubs Win or Lose Matt Garza Trade?

I’ve offered to host a hot-debate between two @BullpenBrian Twitter followers.

The matter at hand is whether or not Jim Hendry should have traded 5-prospects for Matt Garza on January 8, 2011. (Hak-Ju Lee, Chris Archer, Robinson Chirinos, Sam Fuld & Brandon Guyer).

Below is a summary of each case. Please vote to determine the winner. May the best case win.

Court’s now in session:


This was a lose trade for the Cubs.

  • Jim Hendry made a desperation move to try and save his job.
  • You make this trade when you are 1-2 players away, not when you only have 1-2 players.
  • Cubs traded top prospect, Chris Archer, and #4 prospect Hak-Ju Lee for Garza–a middle of the rotation starter.
  • Cliff Lee didn’t bring that kind of haul when he was traded from Cleveland to Philadelphia.
  • The Cubs gave up too many good young players at time of trade.


The Cubs were the winners of the Matt Garza trade.

  • Chris Archer was considered the top Cubs pitching talent, but he continues to struggle mightily with pitch command.
  • SS Hak-Ju Lee was once considered the best defensive SS in Chicago’s system, but that’s about it. You can find him today playing at High A.
  • C Robinson Chirisnos is already 28 and hasn’t accumulated enough ABs to be considered anything more than rookie. He’s currently injured and on the inactive roster.
  • OF Brandon Guyer suffered season-ending shoulder surgery earlier this season while Sam Fuld, a slower-but-better-defensive-Tony-Campana, is also recovering from season ending surgery.
  • Do Cubs fans really want this bunch back?


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5 responses to “Did Cubs Win or Lose Matt Garza Trade?

  1. Spoda17

    Brian, you edited out too many of my points. My main point was Hendry made a desperate trade to appear to help a team that need a lot more than one middle of the rotation pitcher. We traded our #1 and #4 prospect at a time when we need pitching and offense; and a lot more to be honest.

    My points were as when the trade was made, not the results now, hindsight is always easier Stan. Bad move then, and still a bad move now.

  2. I see your argument for bad move then, but why is it a bad move now? They dealt a future reliever and a player from a position of depth for a #2 starter. I’d make that trade any day.

  3. J-Huff

    When the trade was first completed, I definitely felt like we lost. I probably still would (without the hindsight from the past two seasons).

    Those five players haven’t done much though. I don’t see any of them being a better player than Matt Garza. I also think we can get better prospects in a midseason deal for Garza either in 2012 or 2013.

  4. Charles

    well played by both Chewy and Stan, My views lean twords Stan as it is a win for the Cubs in this deal. Now we wait and See if the Cubs can get those kind of pieces or better back this year in a trade for Garza. As we start to look to 2013 and beyond.

  5. Hey Spoda, my intention wasn’t to misshape your case.

    Please send me the valid points that were left out and I’ll edit your post to include them.

    There’s nothing wrong with standing behind your opinion if you believe it to be true.

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