Timely Win Clutch For Rizzo, Cubs

Anthony Rizzo

For once the Cubs actually had a timely win.

Not the kind with huge implications in the win/loss column, those are nice too, but the kind of victory that feels right in the moment.

A timely victory entails winning on Opening Day, winning on national television, winning the cross-town series, winning when the lights are brightest.

It’s the keen awareness to understand that big moment or special occasion and deliver the best possible gift any fan in attendance could hope for—seeing the home team win.

It’s been awhile since that’s happened on the North Side, which is why a 5-3 win against the Mets was just what the organization and its fans needed on the evening Anthony Rizzo made his Cubs debut.

It was something to root for, something exciting, a reminder of what Cubs baseball should truly be all about: good times, good memories–a good win.

The fact Rizzo went 2-for-4 with an RBI was all the better.

But aside from a couple of home walk-off wins against St. Louis in April, the atmosphere present at the ball yard Tuesday night has been nonexistent.

You can start with the brutal loss suffered on Open Day against Washington, then eight straight losses in nationally televised games.

Kerry Wood’s retirement, as heart felt and memorable as it was, ended in a 3-2 loss to the White Sox, who proceeded to humiliate the Cubs in a three-game sweep at Wrigley Field.

Who can forget the 12-game losing streak or the embarrassment of welcoming Boston fans to town to show off our jewel of a ballpark with an outfield resembling a cow pasture?

Great organizations and great players have a knack for rising to the occasion and coming through in the clutch.

The Cubs arguably haven’t been clutch since wrapping up back-to-back division tiles in 2007-08. But even that’s negated by being swept out of the playoffs in both years.

With the greatly anticipated arrival of Rizzo now in the history books, it’s likely the Cubs will have but few chances to give its fans another meaningful home game worth remembering, especially considering the looming trades of some of its best and most beloved players.

For what it’s worth, the Cubs do have three more nationally televised games scheduled this season. There’s also the possibility, but unlikely scenario, of something special happening like a Cubs no-hitter at Wrigley Field.

Or maybe the Cubs have a chance to knock a division rival out of the playoff hunt in September. Maybe Rizzo hits a bases empty grand slam.

Otherwise, however, there’s also the likelihood this season has peaked in terms of opportunities for timely wins for a fan base supporting the worst team in all of baseball. After all, there are no more Anthony Rizzos waiting in Iowa.

If so, at least on this occasion, the Cubs actually won a game. For the first time in a long time, the Cubs were clutch in the moment.


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