Rizzo Reminding of Eric the Red


Eric the Red was always one of my favorite players. Loved his batting stance: hands held low until right before the pitcher released the ball.

I do remember my Little League coaches being less impressed with Davis’ approach, which of course, my teammates and I mimicked, albeit temporarily (Gary Sheffield’s bat waggle was another popular stance not fully appreciated by our coaches!). 

Even by today’s standards Davis’ batting stance is unconventional. And I’ve yet to see any big leaguer who’s held his hands as low–until the arrival of Anthony Rizzo.

Although Rizzo’s batting stance does remind me of Davis’ stance, the similarities end rather quickly, aside from the two sharing the No.44.

Rizzo is a left-handed batter, he’s absent of an exaggerated leg kick and he’s far from Davis’ skeleton frame.

But if Rizzo is equally as good as Davis was offensively during his 17-year big league career (282 HR, 934 RBI) I’ll take it.


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