Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza Trade Rumors

Trade Rumors

The above image details the level of interest of teams rumored to be pursuing Cubs pitchers Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza via trade. The larger the team logo, the more interest. I’ve done my best to use good judgment on gauging the trade interest of all teams.

The July 31 non-waiver trade deadline is 21-days out. Much can, and will, change during the next three weeks. But this is how the trade speculation appears to me at the present time.

The main sources used to gather this information are Ken Rosenthal & Jon Paul Morosi of FOXSports.com, Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com, Bruce Levine of ESPN 1000 Chicago, Phil Rogers & Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune, ProTradeRumors.com and MLBTradeRumors.com.


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2 responses to “Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza Trade Rumors

  1. Dino Marchesini

    Is there a chance Dempster is traded as a rent a player and then brought back next year?

  2. Thanks, Dino. I as well want to believe there IS that chance Dempster would reunite with Cubs following his imminent trade this season.

    However, it’s probably unlikely to happen. Once a competitor like Dempster gets another taste of the postseason, it would seem mighty hard to return to the Cubs who are, without question, years away from being competitive.

    As much as Dempster appears to love this city, its fans and Wrigley Field…there’s a dwindling number of bullets left in his right arm. In time the magic that Dempster experienced with the Cubs will return to Wrigleyville, but probably not in time for Dempster to enjoy it as a player.

    But I’ll leave us with this shred of hope…if Demps were to win a World Series this October, well, then why not come back to enjoy a ride into the sunset pitching his final years in the greatest gem of a ballpark known to man?

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