Happily Married Man To Wife And Cubs


I married the love of my life on Thursday. Not surprisingly, she’s a Cubs fan.

That’s a huge plus for a guy who also loves covering the North Siders. But it’s even better knowing she’ll never leave me and always believes I’ll be better ‘next year’.

We had a small ceremony in the city with our families and close friends, then shared an encore at Second City Friday night.

It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours consuming good beer, good laughs and a good time.

As for the ridiculous picture above, that was snapped before the wedding. What more can I say other than “I’m sorry for party rockin’.”

Now it’s back to the blog and the Cubs…



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4 responses to “Happily Married Man To Wife And Cubs

  1. dougal


  2. J-Huff

    Pitbull! :-)

    Congrats. Just got done attending a friend’s wedding last week. Had to fly from Nashville to Milwaukee and then drive up to Green Bay. The next day I went on my first boat ride and it nearly sunk heading back to shore.

  3. Wow, that story makes my wedding week seem quite uneventful! Glad you survived the journey, J-Huff :)

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