Mark Grace Arrested Again On DUI

Mark Grace was arrested Thursday night for driving under the influence of alcohol and operating his vehicle with a suspended license.

It’s the second time in the last 15 months he’s been arrested for a DUI, and the former offense already requires him to have an interlock device on his vehicle.

Grace has remained in the good graces of Cubs fans since he was let go by the team in 2000. But despite his reputation as a lovable Wrigleyville playboy, there’s nothing comforting with what appears to be his personal battle with alcoholism.

The Diamondbacks announced Friday Grace had requested “an indefinite leave of absence” to seek personal assistance. It’s likely he won’t return to the broadcast booth this season.

Whether or not the D-Backs should invite Grace back next season, I don’t know. I personally take DUI offenses extremely seriously. And this obviously isn’t the first mistake Grace has made behind the wheel.

However, Arizona turning its back to Grace may not be beneficial to either party. Grace is a terrific broadcaster, and if he’s willing to seek help and remain open to treatment, why not work with him to get his life and his career back in order?

If, however, Grace succumbs to a third strike–sorry Gracie, yer’ out.



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2 responses to “Mark Grace Arrested Again On DUI

  1. I like how there is an ad for the Chicago Beer Experience with this post

  2. Ha! Coincidence. However, I’m 100-percent certain the CBE doesn’t encourage driving while intoxicated or over indulging on the tour for that matter ;)

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