Will Bob Brenly Return to Cubs Broadcast Booth?

Cubs fans are wondering if Bob Brenly will be back in the broadcast both next season. His current deal is set to expire at the end of the regular season.

However, I’m wondering if Brenly wants to come back?

From the outside it seems broadcasting Cubs games is a wonderful gig, Brenly is certainly paid well, but does he want to sit through another three or four losing seasons on the North Side?

Brenly has always been keen to the idea of what it would mean to be part of a Cubs World Series championship–legendary for all parties involved. But the window that opened in 2007 and 2008 to cement Brenly’s place in Cubs championship lore has closed for the foreseeable future.

Watching the rebuild may not be worth it for a guy like Brenly whose on-air candidness and occasional humor would be welcomed with open arms in markets with competitive teams like Arizona or Los Angeles.

Of course, who’s to say Bob doesn’t want to manage again? Houston has an opening, and so too might the Rockies. Brenly’s hometown Indians could be another possibility.

Or is it the Cubs have someone else in mind to be the color commentator? Todd Hollandsworth, Kerry Wood? I’d recommend Doug Glanville.

Brenly has spent eight years covering the Cubs. He’s definitely grown on me as an analyst, and I would assume the rest of the viewing audience.

There are, without debate, far worse broadcasters in major league baseball, which explains why he and Len Kasper are often regarded as one of the best broadcasting duos in the game.

Personally, I’d enjoy if Brenly returns to the Cubs booth in 2013 and beyond. But I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if he opts to move elsewhere.

Losing is hard to swallow, even when you’re being paid handsomely to watch.



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4 responses to “Will Bob Brenly Return to Cubs Broadcast Booth?

  1. Raymond Johnson

    It’s interesting to think of the possibilities (I’ve always wondered if Mark Grace will ever land in a Cubs broadcast booth), but I don’t see Brenly going anywhere. Despite the bad baseball, he seems to be having a good time while still getting some fishing in and getting away to watch his son play. Maybe he’ll negotiate a few more days away from the booth, but I think he’ll stay.

  2. I hope Brenly stays too. When he took a leave of absence earlier this season to watch his son play around the Fourth of July Cubs fans were up in arms with Holladsworth on the broadcast. Just another reminder how lucky we are not to have a commentator who drives us nuts (and that’s not a knock on Todd who’s never been in such a role before).

    Interesting that you mentioned Mark Grace. I did a post on him as well, although it didn’t surround the possibility of him joining the Cubs booth, but of his second DUI arrest in the last 15 months.

    I think Cubs fans would be thrilled to have Gracie in the booth, and he does an equally good job to Brenly, but I seriously believe a move back to his former party scene in Chicago could damaged the guy’s health for good!

  3. Chris Frye

    Brenley’s knowledge of the NL Central may not mean as much to Houston since they move to the AL West next year.

  4. Ah, very true! I’m reworking the post with a list of potential managing options for Brenly. Good eyes!

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