Cubs’ Quirk, Nats’ Porter Ignite Bench Clearings

Did anyone else feel Nationals’ third base coach Bo Porter should’ve been ejected from last night’s game?

I understand Porter felt the need to defend his turf from Cubs’ bench coach Jamie Quirk, who was chirping up a storm from the visitor’s dugout. But then for Porter to meander all the way over to the dugout steps, be restrained by Sveum, and still continuing taunting Quirk was equally unnecessary.

Porter’s tirade was aggressive, it was uncalled for and it was unsportsmanlike. His actions, in large part, led to both benches clearing not once, but twice. 

Washington, mind you, outscored the Cubs 31-9 this series. The Nats humiliated Chicago; beating them badly in every facet of the game. What did Porter need to say that the scoreboard didn’t show already? And what more did Porter need to do to be tossed?

By letting his emotions boil over Quirk crossed the line. The umpires ran him for it and I’ve got no problem with that decision. But Porter’s reaction to Quirk’s apparent frustrations crossed-the-line too, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t have hit the showers as early as Quirk did.

“The fracas was started because all that stuff that happened that was instigated by Quirk screaming out at Porter,” umpiring crew chief Jerry Layne said. “And the obscenities that he screamed out, I just felt was inappropriate and that’s what caused everything.”

Obviously, whether or not Porter gets tossed is trivial. But getting killed on the scoreboard is ever more frustrating when it feels the officiating isn’t calling a fair fight, at least in the moment. 

Whatever. The entire series was bad all-around baseball for the Cubs. Thank goodness the butt-kicking wrapped up when it did. One more night watching the Cubs in the nation’s capitol and my head could explode. Now it’s on to Pittsburgh. Thank gawd it’s Friday.



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8 responses to “Cubs’ Quirk, Nats’ Porter Ignite Bench Clearings

  1. Steve bartman

    Waah, Waah, Waah. As Jerry Layne said, Quirk was tossed because he instigated it.

    And you are whining about bad calls? I didn’t see anything. And how many bad calls does it take to reverse a 22-run differential over four games?

    104 years and counting…

  2. Steve, did you even read this post or are you commenting on the headline?

    I agree Quirk should’ve been tossed…I wrote this in the post. Hello?

    If you didn’t see this, how would you have any idea about bad calls?

    Thanks for reminding me how long it’s been since Cubs won a World Series. I didn’t know that.

    Enjoy the weekend :)

  3. Chris

    The issue is we do not know what was said. If it is normal jabbering between coaches, then there is no reason to toss Quirk and no reason for Porter to wander to the dugout. The umpires did huddle up, then decide to toss Quirk. After the game the ump stated “instigator and obscenities” (paraphrasing of course). It makes me wonder if the 3rd base umpire just said Quirk crossed the line with something that was said.

    I do not think though that a non physical argument between 2 coaches warrants the next pitch being thrown at Harper. I felt that was kind of bush league, though expected, and exactly what you would expect to happen, happened. The Nationals will protect the kid.

  4. Good stuff, Chris.

    Quirk crossed the line. No doubt about it. Even without knowing what was said…I believe Porter’s reaction crossed the line, too. And look, I’m not saying that with anger or bitterness…that’s just they way I saw it…and I’d say the same thing if Quirk and Porter switched roles in the argument. Just surprised only one of the two was tossed…I understand ump’s explanation…just didn’t agree with the decision to spare Porter.

    Now, more importantly, as you brought up…throwing at Harper was simply ridiculous. The Cubs, with the second worst record in baseball…have NO BUSINESS throwing at anyone, let alone ‘Boy Wonder’ on a team fit to win the NL pennant. Unacceptable…and yes…Bush League.

    That moment, as was the entire series, served as another embarrassing moment for the Cubs this season…Sveum must galvanize the club in Pittsburgh. The shenanigans in Washington can’t go on…and the effort needs to be a helluva lot better. We’ll see!

    Thanks for dropping a line, enjoy the weekend :)

  5. Pam

    Although I have been a Cubs fan for 30+ years, and that makes me a relatively new fan, I have never witnessed such bad behavior from the coaching staff! In addition to getting a real whipping by an outstanding National’s team, their behavior compounded the humiliation. Fortunately (or unfortunately) no one but the Cubs in the dugout and Porter heard the language Quirk used or the gist of his tirade. EXCEPT the umpire. On that basis, I think the umpire’s call was appropriate. Porter should probably ignored what the idiot had to say, but again few know what the idiot did say, so… The one who should definitely have a suspension is the second idiot, the one on the mound who takes it all a step further and aims for Harper. After all, he (Harper) was only doing his job and was not involved in the Quirk/Porter exchange. That kind of behavior does not belong in the game, and NO warnings should ever be given. It appears Quirk thought the Nationals should just step back and give-up playing cause the Cubs were just no match. Poor attitude for the coach of the team.

  6. I’m with you, Pam. Quirk was out of line. He lost his professionalism, even if just for a moment.

    And that can’t happen without suffering consequence, either from Sveum, or in the case Thursday, the umpire throwing him out.

    Quirk’s actions set the wrong example for a young club still learning the RIGHT WAY to win. Lots of embarrassment on the Cubs half…including that ridiculous pitch at Harper. SMH.

    But my point is, regardless of what was said, or what wasn’t said, by Quirk…Bo Porter crossed the line, too. I think he deserved a heave-ho as well.

    Thanks for checking in. Enjoy the weekend :)

  7. Andy

    I watched it. Commented at the time that I had never seen anything like it. Maybe Porter wasn’t firing obscenities. I don’t think the umpires made up what they heard regardless of your opinion of their fairness. Quirk’s tirade was idiotic. The guy played for nearly 20 years and has presumably been coaching since the early nineties – I am reasonably sure he has seen a 5 run lead in the fifth disappear in innings six through nine… at least once. Sveum and Clevenger defending Castillo’s pitch as a simple miss is ludicrous as well. What I find remarkable is that they didn’t run Castillo. They didn’t have to warn him to run him, just surmise intent. I was saying out loud to the Nats players don’t be stupid, don’t get hurt. The Nats play by play guy was hilarious with his jab saying the Cubs pitchers showed how bad they are at hitting where they aim. I am guessing you were spared that by a Cubs feed. My sister is a Nats fan who followed the Cubs for decades because of a summer visit to Wrigley and because Washington was without a team. She said she felt shame. Watching the Nats again tonight, same announcer just said “Teddy went Cubs dugout in frustration.” during the presidents race. He is getting some mileage out of this.

  8. It’s the low-point of the season, Andy. The whole Quirk/throwing-at-Harper incident WAS embarrassing, in addition to being man-handled between the lines all week. Just brutal.

    Regardless of what Quirk said to Porter…Bo’s reaction crossed the line in my opinion…he went too far, literally, making his way all the way over to dugout steps was unnecessary.

    That, to me, was stooping to Quirk’s level…he took Quirk’s bait and in doing so crossed the line that should’ve sent him packing by the umps.

    MOVING ON…As you suspected, I didn’t hear Nats’ broadcast call of bench-clearings…but having been a baseball broadcaster…and without looking through Cubs colored lenses…it’s fine to make light of the situation, including taking a little jab, but you’ve need to keep it professional, too. And here’s why…

    Let’s not forget the Nats were a crap-storm for many a season…which includes Nyjer Morgan making an ass out of himself on multiple occasions…for what I assume embarrassed Nats fans and the entire organization. He’s but one example…but the Nats are no different or better than any other team…they’ve all been really bad at some point…and they’ve all made stupid mistakes.

    So before the Nats’ broadcast crew throws too many stones…some self reflection would remind them they were in Len & Bob Shoes (WGN TV) covering a dismal team with sub-par talent and ill-tempered players…not that long ago.

    Appreciate the comment…good, good stuff. Enjoy the weekend!

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