So Much For Cubs (59-97) Avoiding 100-losses

I’m not entirely sure how I over-estimated the Cubs, but I did as of August 28th saying the team would avoid a 100-loss season.

In fact, I went as far to say the Cubs might only lose 94-games. That prediction, of course, is out the window with Chicago sitting at (59-97) and poised to reach triple-digit losses by week’s end.

What the expletive was I thinking?

Two reasons for my prediction:

  • 1.) The Cubs were playing fairly decent baseball at the time having gone (20-21) since the All Star break.
  • 2.) Chicago, up to that point, had played remarkably well at home going (32-31).

But a (3-7) September homestand against the Pirates, Reds & Cardinals followed by the ugly three-game sweep at Colorado has wiped out the hope the Cubs will avoid 100-losses.

I’ll spare us further predictions, but here’s the skinny: the Cubs have six remaining games…(3) at Arizona and (3) at home vs. Houston…and need four more wins (63) to avoid the big 100.

Given the Cubs’ poor play as of late, particularly its starting pitching, I’d be shocked if they won the D-Backs series this weekend. And I also wouldn’t expect the Cubs to sweep the Astros series at home to close out the season, either.

That means we’re realistically looking at 2-3 more wins giving the Cubs either 101 or 102 losses.

Now, it hardly makes a difference whatever the final record turns out to be, but there is one last issue to address…that being the Cubs’ franchise-worst single-season record of 103-losses reached twice (1962-66).

One more win and the Cubs dodge matching the dubious record…but I won’t be surprised if one week from today we’re fuming over the Cubs going (0-11) to close out its season.

Unlikely, yes…but fool me twice, shame on me.

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