Baseball & Poker Share More Than World Series

This was written by Daniel Smith, a lover of baseball & poker.

The game of baseball and the game of poker are very different games. One is team sport with men working towards a common goal and the other is an individual card game where your goal is to take everyone else money. While the games are different, they both have similarities that fans of both can appreciate. Let’s take a look at a few of those similarities.

For starters, both games are considered by some to be somewhat boring by those that don’t understand the game. Baseball games have long periods of inactivity as batters go down in order inning after inning. Suddenly a huge home run can turn a dead crowd into a raucous one.

Poker looks very boring at the onset as most hands are folded with little or no action. Then a big hand develops and a player is all-in for their tournament life. The fans are then on their feet screaming for their player to either hit his card or for his hand to hold. With the closeness of the fans, a few dozen fans can sound like a stadium full.

Next, some venues are considered more sacred or special than others. For example, there aren’t many field left in the game of baseball with the history of Wrigley field. Every cub fan that has visited Wrigley has their own set of memories and wouldn’t trade the field for anything.

Poker players have their own hallowed grounds as well. Many poker players consider the halls of Binion’s in downtown Vegas sacred due to its history and being the original home of the WSOP. Any player that played prior to 2004 would say that Binions is the Wrigley of poker.

Finally, both games have their own World Series. The World Series of Baseballhas crowned the champion of the game of baseball for over 100 years while the World Series of Poker has crowned poker’s World Champion since 1970. In both games, success at the WSOP is what can make the difference between a storied career and a legendary one.

Both baseball and poker have a long history and are games enjoyed by Millions around the world. While they have their differences, their similarities can definitely be appreciated by lovers of both. That may be the reason why many baseball players and fans of the game also love to play poker.


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