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Game Over

What did we learn tonight? This is the Panda’s world and we’re just living in it. Meet your newest player you love-to-hate, Detroit.

With tonight’s victory the Giants are (12-7) in World Series openers and (6-4) in Fall Classic Game 1s at home.

It pretty crazy Verlander allowed more earned runs (5) than innings pitched (4). Granted, his game looked better than the numbers and the Giants did get a few lucky bounces in their favor…in particular Angel Pagan’s double off the third base bag.

Barry Zito. Man, for all the heat this guy’s taken over the years for an inflated contract he hasn’t lived up to…well, they sure love him now in San Fran.

Here’s a look at the upcoming pitching matchups. Fister has been outstanding this postseason. Bumgarner, conversely, has not.

Game 2 RHP Doug Fister (0-0, 1.35) vs. LHP Madison Bumgarner (0-2, 11.25)
Game 3 RHP Anibal Sanchez (1-1, 1.35) vs. RHP Ryan Vogelsong (2-0, 1.42)
Game 4 RHP Max Scherzer (1-0, 0.82) vs. RHP Matt Cain (2-2, 3.52)

Top 9

The Tigers have the heart of the order due up: Fielder, Young & Peralta…a combined 2-for-9 tonight. And baring a sports miracle…Barry Zito is going to earn the win having out pitched Justin Verlander. Hmm, who saw that coming three hours ago? I love baseball!

  • J. Mijares relieved T. Lincecum
  • P. Fielder grounded out to third
  • G. Kontos relieved J. Mijares
  • D. Young singled to shallow right
  • Peralta 2-R HR to center field…Giants lead 8-3…one-out.
  • A. Dirks hit for A. Garcia and grounds out back to the box…Tigers down to last out.
  • A. Avila walks
  • J. Affeldt relieved G. Kontos
  • R. Santiago grounds out to SS
Bot 8

The Giants became the 2nd team to win 6 straight elimination games in a single postseason, joining the 1985 Royals and are just the 2nd team to go the distance in the 1st two postseason series in a season to reach the World Series…the only other team to accomplish this are the 1981 Dodgers.

  • With two-outs A. Huff pinch-hits for Lincecum, grounds out to third to end the inning. Giants three outs away from a 1-0 series lead.
Top 8

Valverde allows 2-runs on 4-hits in 0.1 inning. Ouch, babe. Phil Coke, I hope you’re ready when needed. Tim Lincecum will continue pitching into the eighth. I figure Bochy will bring in another reliever for the ninth, we’ll see.

It feels like it’s all about gaining an edge for Game 2 for the Tigers. They’re not coming back tonight, but now’s an opportunity to study Lincecum a little further and start to try and feel more comfortable at the plate, which to this point hasn’t happened for Detroit.

  • Infante grounds out, Jackson & Cabrera both K…now it’s 5-punchout for Timmy.
Bot 7

Stretch Time…

The Giants became the 4th team to win a postseason series by winning 3 straight games against the defending World Series winner after being down in the series, 3-1.

The only other teams to accomplish this are: 1968 Tigers (against Cardinals), 1958 Yankees (against Braves) and 1925 Pirates (against Senators). Elias.

A member of San Francisco’s police force sings God Bless America.

  • Lincecum will stay in the game and hit for himself to leadoff the inning.

This is a moment many of us were waiting for and wondering about…Jose Valverde is on t pitch…his first appearance since his epic collapse in Game 1 of the ALCS vs. the Yankees.

Leyland has said Papa Grande just needed a tweek mechanically to get back in form to pitch in the World Series. If there’s a silver lining to being down 5-runs…it’s this opportunity for Leyland to test Valverde’s hand without putting him in  pressure situation.

  • Valverde strikes out Lincecum swinging
  • Pagan doubles down the RF line, 1-out.
  • Scutaro RBI single to LF, Pagan scores from 2B. Giants lead 7-1

No one has been hotter at the dish this postseason than Scutaro…and perhaps that has something to do with Panda’s explosion lately? Are pitchers concentrating so much on getting Scutaro out that they’re letting down against Sandoval? Maybe.

  • Panda lofts an RBI single to left center field, Scutaro to 3B.
  • Posey RBI single to RF, Scutaro scores. Giants lead 8-1

So much for the return of Valverde. Leyland is out of the dugout…Papa Grande’s night is over…and very well so could be his season. The Giants were not fooled by Valverde’s stuff whatsoever. I can’t imagine Leyland would risk bringing him back this series in any other role than mop-up duty.

  •  J. Benoit relieved J. Valverde with two-on and one-out
  • A wild pitch by Benoit, both runners advance to 2nd & 3rd
  • Pence and Belt follow with back-to-back Ks. Inning over
Top 7

Lincecum’s demotion from the rotation  if you will, has been a blessing in disguise for the Giants this postseason. He’s an energizer and a guy with wicked stuff that can quiet the opposition for an inning or two. He’s showing that again tonight with 3-Ks in 1.0 inning of relief, two of those strikeouts come here in the seventh.

  • Avila strikesout
  • Garcia strikesout
  • Pinch-hitter Q. Berry grounds out 2B

Bot 6

It’s obvious the Tigers have to shut the door from here on out against the G-men. Tigers are quickly running short on outs. Five runs down is still a big, big hill to climb in postseason baseball. But they’re only one big-inning away from getting right back in the game.

  • Giants’ 6-7-8 hitters go down in order. Inning over.
Top 6

Just unbelievable. Three home runs for the Panda bear. It’s been all Giants from the first inning (when Panda homered)…and all the breaks in the Giants’ favor. Scoring six-runs just to tie the game seems a stretch for Detroit…but we’ve seen stranger things happen this October.

  • Austin Jackson leads off inning with a double down LF line.
  • Miguel Cabrera RBI single center field puts the Tigers on the board.
  • Prince follows with a hard, sinking line drive to LF–but Banco makes another outstanding diving catch to record the out.
  • Delmon Young with a base hit back up the middle

That’s all for Zito…he’s coming out with 2-on, 2-outs…Lincecum coming on in relief.

  • Peralta fans against the Freak to end the inning. Tigers plate a run…but let Giants out of a jam.
Bot 5

A. Alburquerque relieved J. Verlander

  • Panda hits his 3rd…count’em…1-2-3…3rd HR! Another blast to deep center field. SMH. Giants lead 6-0.
  • Pence K’s to end inning
Top 5

Zito on cruise control…1-2-3 inning. He’s walked one and struck out three. Life’s a breeze.

If there’s such a thing as momentum in baseball…the Giants have it. Everything is seemingly going the Giants’ way. Two home runs by Panda, a couple of seeing eye singles and an RBI knock from Zito…all against Verlander. Who would’ve thunk it?

Tigers are running out of time to get the offense rolling. So far, just three singles.

Oh yeah, the RBI single by Zito marks the fourth straight game a Giants pitcher has recorded an RBI–a new postseason record.

Bot 4

Verlander is nearing 80-pitches…not much of a concern at this point. If he keeps the damage to 4-runs the Tigers still have a chance in this game. Zito has been good, but there’s plenty of fire-power in the Tigers’ lineup to answer with five-inning to go.

  • Pagan grounds out t 2B. Inning over.
  • Unreal…Zito slaps a base hit to LF past a diving Cabrera…Belt scores from 2B…Giants lead 5-0. Wow! And the Giants fans start chanting “Barry!, Barry!”
  • Brandon Belt draws a leadoff walk
Top 4

Barry Zito’s picked up right where he left off in the LCS. This is a big inning for him, however, with the Giants wanting to hold Detroit scoreless after opening up a 4-0 lead. Zito is nearing 50-pitches and faces the heart of the Tigers’ order. This game is far from over…

  • Peralta flies out to end the inning.
  • Another interesting play…with Delmon Young hits a dribbler in front of the plate…Young doesn’t run and is quickly tagged out by Posey…who then fires to 2B in time to get Fielder for the second out…nothing going right for Detroit in Game 1
  • Prince leads off the inning with a single to center field.
Bot 3

Tonight’s Game 1 appearances moves the Giants past its long-time rival, the Dodgers, for sole possession of 3rd place in most World Series games played all-time (106). The Cardinals are second on the list having played in 112 World Series games, the Yankees are first (225).

Due up: Crawford, Zito & Pagan

Verlander at 40-pitches

Interesting play unfolds…Angel Pagan slaps a pitch towards third base…ball hits the bag and veres into short LF…Pagan scrambles to 2B….two-outs and here’s Scutaro.

Marco Scutaro was named MVP of the NLCS after hitting .500 (14-for-28) in the series…that was tied for the 2nd-highest batting average in a postseason series in Giants history…Scutaro tied a postseason single-series record with 14 hits in the LCS, matching a mark that had been done three times previously.

Scutaro is the 6th player to win a postseason series MVP Award a$ er playing for another major league team earlier that season, and he’s the 2nd Giants player
to do so, joining Cody Ross in 2010…the others: David Justice (2000 ALCS, Yankees), Mike Devereaux (1995 NLCS, Braves), Ricky Henderson (1989 ALCS, A’s) and Donn Clendenon (1969 WS, Mets) (Elias).

  • Posey gets in on the action, a sharp single to LF.
  • Holy Cow! The Panda rocks the house again! This time a 2-R HR just over the wall in LF…an opposite field home run on a 99-mph heater. Giants lead 4-0 with Posey coming to the plate.
  • Scutaro delivers…again…it’s an RBI single plating Pagan from second base…terrific at-bat. The Giants have worked Verlander hard this inning…and with two down here’s Panda, who homered back in the first.
  • Scutaro fouls off back-to-back 98-MPH heaters with a 3-2 count…

Tigers pitching coach J. Jones made a trip to the mound before Panda’s at-bat…so I wouldn’t expect him to break up the action again (you can make as many coaching visits as need be in the World Series).

  • Hunter Pence grounds out to end the inning

Through 3-innings it’s all about the Panda…and what happens if Pagan’s hit doesn’t glance off the third base bag?!? That play as turned the game on its head…Verlander would’ve been out of the inning with no damage done…instead the play open the door for a rare big-inning against the Tigers’ ace.

Top 3

For the second time during Jim Leyland’s managerial tenure, the Tigers have advanced to the World Series. He is the third manager in franchise history to guide a Tigers club to the World Series multiple times, joining Hughie Jennings and Mickey Cochrane. Jennings led Detroit to three straight World Series (1907-09), while Cochrane led the Tigers to the World Series in back-to-back seasons (1934-35).

Due up: Verlander, Jackson & Infante

  • Zito gets a big strikeout of Infante. Cabrera follows with a hard line drive to LF…but it hangs up just long enough for Blanco to make a teriffic diving catch to make the out and retire the side.
  • Austin Jackson singles to center field with one out…
Bot 2

The Giants have played 12 playoff games this season and the team scoring the games 1st run has gone (10-2). SF is (6-1) this postseason when scoring the games 1st run…and of course Panda gave San Fran the lead in the first inning with his solo HR.

  • Easy inning for Verlander. Giants go down 1-2-3.

Due up Pence, Belt & Blanco

Top 2

The Giants have reached the Fall Classic for the 2nd time in the past 3 seasons. San Francisco is making its 19th appearance in the World Series–the 2nd most all-time, trailing only the Yankees (40).

The franchise has won 6 championships (1905, 1921, 1922, 1933, 1954, 2010) its last was the first since moving to the Bay area.

While in New York the Giants went (5-9) in 14 World Series and are (1-4) in the Fall Classic while in San Francisco.

  • Zito sets’em down 1-2-3.

Due up for the Tigers: Peralta, Garcia & Avila

Bottom 1

After completing his seventh full season in the majors, Verlander makes his 12th career post-season start, his fourth in 2012.

Verlander led the American League with 238.1 innings pitched and 239 strikeouts in 2012, while finishing second with a 2.64 ERA, .217 batting average against, 7.25 hits per nine innings and 3.98 strikeouts per walk…and tied for third with 9.0 strikeouts per nine innings and tied for fourth with 17 wins.

Verlander has fanned 25 batters in three starts this post-season, tying his own club record for most strikeouts during a single post-season he established in 2011.

The Panda has gone 17-for-51 (.333) with 4 2Bs, 4 HRs and 10 RBI in 13 games so far this postseason…including his first inning home run.

  • Pablo Sandoval continues his hot-hitting with a solo HR just over the wall in center field.
Top 1

Tonight’s game marks the 1st time the Giants & Tigers franchises meet in a World Series and the 63rd different matchup between teams in the Fall Classic.

Before getting started, let’s take a minute to be thankful we’re not watching the Cardinals & Yankees. A big tip of the cap to both clubs for saving us this postseason. Much, much appreciated.

Barry Zito was the 2002 AL Cy Young award winner and a 3-time AL All-Star (2002-03; 2006).

This is his 1st time ever pitching in a World Series Game. Zito was not on the Giants active roster for any postseason rounds during the
2010 playoffs.

Has started twice this postseason (Game 4 of DS at Cincinnati, Game 5 of LCS at St. Louis), going 1-0 with a 1.74 ERA (2-ER, 10.1-IP), 10 Ks, 5 BBs.

The Giants have won each of Zito’s last 13 starts, including his 2 starts in this postseason…during this stretch, Zito has gone 8-0 with a 3.61 ERA allowing 2 runs-or-fewer in 8 of those 13 outings…the Giants last lost a Zito start on Aug. 2 vs. the Mets.

Miguel Cabrera belted a two-run home run in Game Four of the American League Championship Series on October 18 and he has now reached base
safely in all 20 of his post-season games with the Tigers. His 20-game streak is the longest such streak in club history, surpassing an 18-game streak by Hank Greenberg.

  • Detroit manages a base hit from Infante and a walk from Cabrera but can’t score.
  • Carbrera draws a one-out walk in his first at-bat, taking several very close pitches…
Here are tonight’s starting lineups:
           TIGERS                                            GIANTS
1. Austin Jackson, CF                1. Angel Pagan, CF
2. Omar Infante, 2B                   2. Marco Scutaro, 2B
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B               3. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
4. Prince Fielder, 1B                 4. Buster Posey, C
5. Delmon Young, LF               5. Hunter Pence, RF
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS              6. Brandon Belt, 1B
7. Avisail Garcia, RF                7. Gregor Blanco, LF
8. Alex Avila, C                          8. Brandon Crawford, SS
9. Justin Verlander, SP          9. Barry Zito, SP


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