Giants Don’t Cry Over PEDs Enhanced Milk

I’m wondering if the Giants present Melky Cabrera with a World Series ring and a share of the championship winning spoils? I know I wouldn’t.

Why reward this bum for pumping his body full of PEDs and subsequently missing the stretch-run of the regular season while serving his 50-game suspension for a positive test? Some help that was in the Giants winning the pennant.

Oh, and that little prank Cabrera pulled with the fake website…that doesn’t earn a free pass, either. In fact, it only made matters worse, making his suspension a bigger distraction for the Giants and an even bigger joke of Melky himself. Seriously Milk Boy, grow up.

It’s no wonder the Giants left Cabrera off the postseason roster. San Fran knew they didn’t need him to win…and they were right.

But the fact remains Melky is still listed on the 40-man roster, and that’s often the players who receive the hardware.

Now, there’s no denying Cabrera was the Giants best player up until his suspension. He also played a key role helping San Francisco gain World Series home field advantage with his MVP performance in the All Star game, albeit as an unknown cheat at the time.

But ultimately it’s up to the Giants players on how the postseasons earnings are divvied up–and left up to the organization on who receives World Series rings. So it’s possible, unfortunately, one side could have a soft spot for the Milk Man. Although personally, I hope neither side does.

If bet if Melky has his fingers crossed for one of the two awards it’s most likely the paycheck over the ring. The Cardinals divided up its World Series earnings last year to a handsome share of $323,170 per player.

Cabrera, meanwhile, lost $1.6M while suspended…and will likely miss out on cashing in on what once appeared a huge contract opportunity for him this offseason.

But hey, that’s the price of cheating…and a pretty lenient one in my eyes.

To baseball’s credit, the league chose to eliminate Cabrera from consideration for the league’s batting title award following his suspension (please spare me on Melky’s publicity stunt to also ask for his removal) and my hope is the Giants will follow suit.

The last thing baseball needs is a known steroids user walking away with postseason earnings or a coveted world championship ring–or both.

So it’s up to the Giants organization and players to send the right message that a drug cheat deserves neither, whether he’s served his suspension or not.

No clean drug test. No rewards. And especially not for the tainted Milk Man.



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4 responses to “Giants Don’t Cry Over PEDs Enhanced Milk

  1. J-Huff

    Why did this guy even mess with PEDs? His game doesn’t revolve around power. This is one of the last guys who I would’ve thought would use PEDs. I think the fake website might hurt him more than anything. That was just beyond ignorant.

  2. Yeah, I think that’s exactly what lead Melky to PEDs and the fake website–stupidity.

    And all the joker had to serve was a 50-game suspension. Personally, I think it should’ve been more.

    But the real kicker is Cabrera will end up with another team next season, which will be interesting to watch how he responds to playing without performance enhancers…assuming he learned his lesson.

  3. You Cubs fan’s certainly don’t pull punches! Living only a few miles from the Giants’ stadium, I must say that we never use the term “San Fran.” “The City,” “SF,” yes. I don’t really claim to be a Giants fan, but a baseball fan. I often ask friends about their experiences at the game, “Who won?” They don’t know. “Who did they play?” They don’t know. But they do have lots of pictures of themselves at the Clubhouse on their iPhones. But they did turn in a good Series, up to the last pitch.

  4. Thanks for checking in, Mike.

    And thanks for getting me up to speed on SF lingo! I knew ‘Frisco’ was off limits…so I’ll make note of the other nicknames.

    Giants fan or not, it’s always cool to enjoy the buzz and excitement encapsulating a city after a world championship.

    Chicago was basking in the glow of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup run for months…and I can only imagine what it will be like when the Cubs finally win it all ;)

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