Cubs In No Small Mess

The mess is always bigger than it appears; a little something I learned in college cleaning up blue & red party cups.

New Jersey and New York City have the disastrous mess of Sandy on its hands. Cleaning it up won’t happen in a few days or a few weeks, but will take months, if not years, to recover from all the damage (see Katrina).

If there’s an upside to a mess, however, it’s the beauty to rebuild and come back stronger and better. And most importantly, a learning experience in how to better prevent such devastation a second time around (like tapping garbage bags to the house walls so all those beer pong cups don’t windup on the floor and in the shower).

That of course is where the Cubs stand in the baseball world, cleaning up the mess of a 101-loss season, something that doesn’t happen in one offseason, either.

It’s going to take two or maybe three seasons before Chicago turns itself around to compete for a championship…and maybe longer.

But where we won’t find pride in the Cubs’ win/loss record over the coming seasons, we should take pride in the fact Team Theo is quickly building a foundation to prevent such disastrous seasons as 2012 from happening again.

Chicago will bounce back a stronger and smarter organization even if it takes longer than most fans would care to wait.

It’s just some food for thought as we watch the Cubs take its analytical and methodical approach to its rebuilding efforts this winter.

As we get deeper into the offseason and further removed from 2012, it will seem the Cubs are but two or three ‘Jim Hendry moves’ away from competing in 2013. That’s just the nature of being a fan.

However, we have to know better than believing this to be true and we have to know better than to think sweeping it under the rug with huge free agent signings, as the Cubs were known to do, is the answer.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get excited about the progress we see with the Cubs over the winter, which could be significant, but come Opening Day 2013 we’re certain to be reminded this Cubs mess is bigger than it first appeared.



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2 responses to “Cubs In No Small Mess

  1. vic

    What a crock of bs. The cubs finally spent some money for the first time on free agents and we had a winning team for 3 years in a row for the first time since 1967 to 1972 teams, Which was before free agency came about . The teams that are consistantly winning year in and out are the ones that spend money in free agency. you cannot win the world series if you do not make the playoffs. gee i wonder why all the other small market teams that dont spend money and try to do it through the farm system have not had winning seasons on a consistant basis. Maybe because the teams like the Yankees and cardinals and red sox grab there good players when they hit the free agent markets. Be nice just to have a winning team and something to root for even if we never win the series.

  2. Vic, I read your comment and nearly fell to the floor in shock. In fact, I think I blacked out for a moment. We’re so far apart it makes the NHL lockout look like both sides are close to a deal!!!

    The Tribune’s decision to hand Jim Hendry the company credit card after the 2006 season is exactly what put the Cubs in its current state.

    Yes, Hendry’s spending spree helped buy the Cubs division titles in 2007-08. But look what happened after Chicago flopped in the postseasons…

    The the credit card bill came in the mail and the Cubs were so bogged down with ill-advised, back-loaded contracts they couldn’t better the team to save their lives.

    This is entirely why Tom Ricketts hired Theo Epstein. The new owner of the Cubs wasn’t about to tolerate money unwisely spent, which was unquestionably the case during the Tribune’s watch.

    Ricketts understands organizations do not give themselves the best chance to win championships in the manner you suggested, Vic. Ridiculous spending on free agents does not buy long-term sustained success.

    The Cardinals & Giants…winners of the past three World Series…could not be a better example of building its organization from within, developing its players and only using free agents to supplement the core of its roster.

    Sometimes I think there’s no pleasing Cubs fans. We blast the organization when they spend money like Uncle Penny Bags and ignore player development…and then blast them when they spends more resources on player development than they do on free agents.

    That aside, there’s really no debate the Cubs are going about business smarter than they ever have before. And before we throw our hands in the air and cry foul about the Cubs not spending any money this offseason on big-name free agents…let me remind everyone Ricketts has already ate upwards of $80 million in bad contracts to give his club flexibility to better the roster…THAT’S NOT INSIGNIFICANT!…OR MONOPOLY MONEY HE’S SWALLOWING!

    Once the Cubs have its core-group of players in place Ricketts will assuredly dip into his pockets to purchase some of the best, and likely most expensive, free agents available on the market. However, these guys will be finishing pieces with far more efficient contracts for the Cubs than what we saw in years past (think Soriano).

    Come out of the dark Vic and embrace the rebuild! There’s a World Series to be won!

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