Dan Plesac Wants Aboard Cubs Big Blue Train

Dan Plesac will interview with WGN for the Cubs’ television analyst opening according to Bruce Levine of ESPN 1000.

This is music to my ears. I was totally bummed when MLB Network plucked Plesac away from Comcast SportsNet Chicago after the 2008 season.

I had a real appreciation for Plesac’s opinions and on-air enthusiasm. I loved watching Dan wear his train engineer’s cap and tooting the horn for the ‘Big Blue Train’ as the ’08 Cubs captured the best record in the National League.

Those were good times. Lots of good baseball and lots of good analysis on Chicago’s North Side.

It’s obvious why MLB came calling for Plesac to help launch the league’s new network in January 2009, and no surprise Plesac’s recent 5-year extension with the network likely poses the largest hurdle to him joining Len Kasper in the Cubs’ broadcast booth.

But of all the possible candidates rumored to replace Bob Brenly, I believe Plesac is at the head of the class.

In fact, if the decision were left up to me I’d hire Plesac in an instant. In addition to his television experience (2005-present), he’s smart, honest, opinionated, polished (on and off the air) and has a good sense of humor.

What more could Cubs fans ask for? What more would Cubs fans want?

I’ve also clamored for Doug Glanville to get a look at the position, in large part because he’s a carbon copy of Plesac with but a few exceptions.

I’d be thrilled for either guy to get the gig. But Plesac remains my No.1…Glanville comes in a close second.

I don’t have much of an opinion on the rest of the field. If money isn’t the issue (which is just ridiculous to say!) there are really only two candidates for the job in my opinion–Plesac & Glanville.

I’d be disappointed if WGN and the Cubs went 0-for-2



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2 responses to “Dan Plesac Wants Aboard Cubs Big Blue Train

  1. The Cubs must maintain a quality in the broadcast booths. They are the voice of the Chicago Cubs heard nationally via WGN radio and tv and of course whatever Comcast covers. Many tune in to radio via MLB gameday audio and the quality keeps the Cubs at the top of the market always and it spills over in attendance. I agree with your choices although i am not familiar with Glanville but if what you’re saying is true then I’m on board.

  2. Very good points, Merril. Color analyst is always an important role to fill for any club and especially critical for Chicago for all the reasons you mentioned.

    Living through the rebuild won’t be easy, which is why Brenly’s departure was such a bummer. Bob knew how to keep the broadcast interesting, how to critique without being overly critical of a 101-loss team.

    Plesac & Glanville share those traits in addition to being high-energy guys with a wealth of baseball knowledge and the ability to connect quickly with the Cubs audience.

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