Astros Uniforms As Dated As Space Shuttle

How do you like the Astros’ new threads?

I posed the same question on Twitter and most of the responses were largely approving of the new uniforms. I like’em too, but I don’t love’em.

It’s so ‘baseball’ the Astros stuck with tradition in favor of trying something new, something modern, something original.

Look, I’m not knocking the Astros’ new duds. I’m just saying it’s another example of baseball choking on old traditions.

Nearly all the new ballparks are built to look like old ballparks. New media is often left to the side for old media. New replay technology is avoided all together…and in this case, Houston’s ‘new’ logo is essentially its old one.

Wasn’t the purpose of a uniform change to rebrand the franchise in preparation for its move from the NL to the AL? This looks more like recycling than rebranding.

The Astros’ franchise makeover didn’t create half the buzz the Marlins received from doing its own makeover last season, and it’s easy to see why–Houston didn’t really do anything.

Miami smeared neon colors all over the place, including its brand new ballpark, which actually wasn’t built with the purpose of having a retro-feel to it. They unveiled a modern logo and that unsightly home run carnival behind the outfield wall. Gasp!–the horror of it all!

However, there was never a doubt the Marlins successfully rebranded itself–even if the changes didn’t immediately meet the tastes of traditional baseball fans, which it didn’t need to.

Embracing that change has been made more difficult given the organization is an absolute joke in all other matters…but hey, at least Miami bucked tradition and evolved its brand like it’s 2012 and not 1912.

That’s where Houston missed the boat and failed to take advantage of a perfect opportunity to get creative and design an iconic, can’t-miss uniform, not to mention the remembrance of its unveiling during the Astros’ first season in the American league.

Instead, Houston pulled back the curtain to show us…’oh yeah, I remember that uniform.’ Ta-da.

Here’s the thing, if the Astros stick with its current redesign long-term there’s a chance for it to become one of the classic, unmistakable brands of major league baseball the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Tigers, Reds, Cardinals, Cubs, etc.

That’s great for tradition, I guess.  But no one ever did anything worth celebrating by playing it safe.



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2 responses to “Astros Uniforms As Dated As Space Shuttle

  1. I think people were secretly hoping that they’d go with those extremely lame, bright orange and mustard horizontal stripes.

    Talk about retro.

  2. Oh my gosh, can’t even imagine had that happened. Awful!

    The Astros definitely didn’t take a step back with its ‘new’ uniforms…but they didn’t exactly move its brand forward, either.

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