Marmol, Maddux, Marlins

When Kerry Wood retired in May he marked the last player to remain in a Cubs uniform from the 2003 playoff team.

Currently there are three holdovers from Chicago’s last postseason appearance in 2008: Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Marmol and Jeff Samardzija.

Marmol will likely be traded this offseason. A Soriano trade is more possibility than certainty. However, if he and Marmol are both dealt this winter Samardizja becomes the lone remaining player from the Cubs’ last playoff team.

What does it all mean? Nothing, really. But man, time sure does fly…

Greg Maddux has been named the pitching coach for Team USA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. The team’s skipper, Joe Torre, also tabbed Gerald Perry (hitting), Dale Murphy (first base), Willie Randolph (third base), Marcel Lachemann (bullpen) and former Cub Larry Bowa (bench) to his coaching staff.

Maddux could prove a valuable recruiting tool for American pitchers still wavering with their decision to participate. There isn’t a pitcher alive who couldn’t learn a little something from The Professor. A few weeks of one-on-one counseling with Mad Dog should be an enticing offer for any hurler.

–The Miami Herald reported a poll by Bendixen & Amandi International conducted last week of 400 South Florida baseball fans‘ opinions of Marlins owner Jeffery Loria.

The majority polled are self described Marlins fans (90-percent) and the results revealed little surprise…87-percent are still seething over Loria’s fire-sale trade with Toronto.

If there’s any surprise, it’s the 13-percent who were not outraged by the move. That’s 52 votes. Really?

Aside from Loria and the Blue Jays, I couldn’t imagine any Marlins fans agreeing with the salary dump. Even the Marlins NL East rivals had to think the move was ridiculous and made in poor judgment.

What’s more, a small percentage (6-percent) actually responded with a ‘favorable’ vote for the team’s owner. Favorable!

Granted a few of the folks polled know the owner personally, but I’d have to fairly assume the rest of Loria’s supporters are in some way tied to his payroll.

But seriously, how can you be a baseball fan, let alone a Marlins fan, and not be disgusted with Loria’s leadership as the club’s owner? Some things I’ll just never understand…but my vote is Marlins fans deserve better.


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