Kerry Wood’s Goatee

Kerry Wood

Cubs fans remember Kerry Wood’s goatee just as much as they do his once blazing fastball. Wood’s tufted chin beard was a staple throughout his 14-year career not long after the peach fuzz wore off from his rookie season in 1998.

However, when the Indians traded Wood to the Yankees in July of 2010 the goatee became a casualty of New York’s clean shaven policy. Wood had to go slick, and it wasn’t a site to behold.

The same can be said of Kevin Youkilis, who signed a 1-year, $12 million deal with the Yankees on Tuesday. So much for the manly, bushy goatee Youkilis displayed during his career in Boston and on the South Side of Chicago. 

As if watching Woody, Johnny Damon (among other formerly bearded ballplayers) play in Yankee pinstripes wasn’t bad enough. Seeing them void of their predominant whiskers was even worse. And now the ‘Youker.’

Johnny Damon & Kevin Youkilis

Only in Gotham city would they pillage the game’s best players and strip the league of its most recognizable chin chillers, too.

What’s a major league cookie duster to do?


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